SnapSwap, an innovative Luxembourg-based FinTech startup building payment services based on blockchain technologies, has announced the appointment of Georges Schmit, former Consul General and Executive Director at the Luxembourg Trade & Investment Office in San Francisco, to the Advisory Board.

SnapSwap develops and manages Gloneta, a mobile messenger with instant transactions via revolutionary Blockchain-technologies. Advancing corporate management and acquiring domestic and international recognition with Georges Schmit joining the SnapSwap Advisory Board will help establish the company as a European leader in peer-to-peer payment solutions.

Sending money in a messenger application

Gloneta is a mobile application with a unique combination of fun social networking, a mobile messenger and instant free money transfers. It is an easy way to send money to people in any major currency. Gloneta implements Blockchain-technologies to allow instant money transfers without a bank at very low cost or for free depending on the transfer.

To send money users can charge their wallet within the app by transferring money from their bank to their own Gloneta IBAN account or by linking a credit card. Gloneta is available on iOS and Android in all EU-countries. It supports Euro, British Pound and US Dollar. Future currencies and new features will follow soon.

Georges Schmit brings a wealth of experience and international connections to SnapSwap

Appointed to SnapSwap’s Advisory Board, Georges Schmit previously served as Consul General and Executive Director at the Luxembourg Trade & Investment Office in San Francisco. During his career at the Government of Luxembourg, George Schmit was the Director General for Enterprise Policy, Economic Development and Foreign Trade at the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade. He was Secretary General of the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy until 2004. Georges Schmit was also the Executive Chairman of the National Credit and Investment Corporation (SNCI), a State-owned development bank, and served as member of the Board of Directors of major companies including Arcelor Mittal, SES, the Luxembourg Post and Telecommunications Company (now POST Luxembourg), and the Luxembourg State and Savings Bank (BCEE), among others.

Currently, Georges Schmit serves as a member of the Advisory Board on Space Resources at the Government of Luxembourg.

Georges Schmit, Member of the Advisory Board of SnapSwap International S.A., stated "Here in Luxembourg one of the priorities is the development of an innovative ecosystem in financial services. SnapSwap is an innovative startup, building its offerings on advanced technologies such as Blockchain. I’m happy to be working together with SnapSwap’s outstanding team to help them grow the business and establish partnerships in Luxembourg, in Europe and worldwide."

Denis Kiselev, Founder and CEO of SnapSwap, stated "I’m excited to welcome Georges Schmit to our Advisory Board. George brings to our company great strategy and governance expertise, global knowledge and a unique network of professional connections. Together we will continue building Gloneta in a way that delivers real value to our customers and at the same time enables them have fun and enjoy the experience."

SnapSwap is a fintech startup company licensed by the CSSF (the financial regulator in Luxembourg) to offer payments and electronic money services built on cryptographic technologies, cryptocurrencies, and internet protocols such as Blockchain and open ledger consensus. SnapSwap develops Gloneta, a mobile app that offers social interaction via mobile messaging and instant cross-currency, cross-border payments.