2023 marks the 20th anniversary of SACEM Luxembourg (Société Des Auteurs, Compositeurs Et Editeurs De Musique / Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music); in this context, it is organising a special day on Thursday 21 September 2023 at the Rotondes in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie, showcasing some of Luxembourg’s finest artists, and more. 

SACEM - which protects artists' rights - is calling the event " Community Diversity: Celebration of Collective Management and Artistic Empowerment" which starts at 19:00 and is described as a festive concert featuring local artists with eclectic styles. 

Since its establishment in 2003, SACEM Luxembourg has played a crucial role in protecting the rights of authors, composers and music publishers in Luxembourg. With nearly 1,800 members residing in the Grand Duchy, it represents a dynamic and diverse community that enriches the country's cultural life. SACEM Luxembourg ensures transparent and fair management of copyright, allowing music creators to continue dreaming and inspiring the public. Through national and international collaborations, it generates millions of euros in copyright royalties each year, ensuring fair remuneration for artists.

By joining SACEM Luxembourg, Luxembourgish artists gain access to an international network of creators and receive recognition both locally and internationally. SACEM also facilitates access to musical repertoires from around the world, providing users with a rich and varied musical experience.

Musical Programme:

Love, Peace & Drugs by Gast Waltzing & Jean-Jacques Mailliet featuring United Instruments of Lucilin: A new style, composed by Grammy winner Gast Waltzing and Jean Jacques Mailliet. Their social statement on the dumbing down of humankind because of the over stimulation of alarmist media and the deluge of speculative news. But hope lives on. Jazz is dead! Long live Jazz. This project aims to include musicians from the performance city or country, along with Waltzing and Mailliet and the electronic tracks. Musicians in the form of a string quartet, marimba, vibes and a bass clarinet from the performance city or country will join Waltzing and Mailliet in creating a performance of collaboration and cooperation, illustrating the possibilities of fighting against the spoon fed blown up news to which we are all subjected on a daily basis.

Claire Parsons is an award-winning singer songwriter and composer, based in Luxembourg and Brussels, who specialises in jazz and modern western music, music for the media, theatre music, concert music and performance. Over the past decade, Claire has written music for several theatre pieces as well as composing several albums under her own name, performing in various bands and collaborating in multiple national and international projects.

Nicool: Her debut album "Den Ufank vum N", released in summer 2019, marks the start of Nicool's rap career. In collaboration with local hip hop record label De Läbbel, she created the 11-track album serving you a sweet mix of controversy, a blend of sarcasm topped with one teaspoon of De Läbbel influence! She worked together with various beatmakers from Luxembourg (i.e. 8Cee, Corbi, BTM, Nick Sauber, to name a few) to make this project as awesome as possible. Her live performance is like no other, whether you understand the Luxembourgish language or not, it is guaranteed that the crowd will vibe along with the beats and head-nod along with her flow and rhymes.

Serge Tonnar is a freelance author, composer and performer. His main activity is the composition of his own songs in his mother tongue Luxembourgish; in addition he occasionally works in the theatre as a musician, actor, director and author. He is also an activist in socio-cultural life in Luxembourg, as a co-founder of MASKéNADA, an artist collective and production platform for alternative theatrical and musical projects. In 2015, he founded the association "Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen”, which is committed to intercultural dialogue, especially between refugees and people from here. In the pandemic of 2020, he launched the "Kulturkanal (KUK)", an online platform for artistic creations.

Balthasar - Rosenfeld - Leen - Moreira: The Rock supergroup, consisting of four songwriters Daniel Balthasar, Eric Rosenfeld (Versus You, Communicaution...), Jimmy Leen (Mad Fox, Leen) and David Moreira (Eternal Tango) will unite to play an energetic set put together from their catalogue, accompanied by the musicians Sebastian Schlapbe Flach on bass, Luca Sales on the keys and Michel Mootz on the drums.

DJ-Set by Yves Stephany (Radio 100,7): Yves Stephany is the head of programming at radio 100,7, the public service radio in Luxembourg. He has made a name for himself in the local music scene as a member of several bands and as an eclectic DJ. He has always put a strong emphasis on music from Luxembourg.