Luxembourg-based startup No Big Deal, founded by former Vodafone employees, launched today its first product: a mobile application and platform in which users perform wellbeing challenges.

A complimentary beverage from a local bar, a free trial at a sports gym or an exclusive discount at a new clothing retailer - these are just some of the rewards to be found in the No Big Deal mobile application. To earn these rewards, app users will have to complete wellbeing challenges (both physical and mental) such as hitting a daily step count, running a certain distance or limiting their phone usage.

Nigel Bergstra, one of the three founders of No Big Deal, explained: “It’s an app that rewards you for doing stuff that makes you feel good - we wanted to bring some fun and incentive to everyday wellbeing. It’s the fitness app for the rest of us”.

The startup was born out of extraordinary times, as it was incorporated in March 2020 and is now launching among the second wave of the virus, but the team has not let this hold them back.

“We think what we do is more important than ever - both for businesses and community wellbeing. There are a variety of rewards in the app to ensure there’s something for everyone to safely enjoy,” said Daniel Klemetz, who is leading customer success and driving partnerships.

No Big Deal has just launched in app stores (under the name: NBD Business). The app is currently only available within the Luxembourg market.