Credit: Anthogyr

On Thursday 6 June 2024, the management of the dental implantology company Anthogyr informed its employees, the staff delegation and the the LCGB trade union of the cessation of production activity at the Mersch site.

The company specialising in the manufacture of dental implants is part of the Straumann group, which is represented internationally.

For strategic reasons, the group has decided to merge two production sites, that of Mersch in Luxembourg and that of Menaro in Spain. Production activity will therefore be stopped by mid-July in Luxembourg. Of the 39 employees currently employed by the company, 29 employees will be affected by layoffs, according to LCGB. This restructuring has no “financial reason but is a purely strategic choice to increase the group's growth”, LCGB noted, deploring this “radical and unilateral” decision by the company in the reported absence of accompanying social measures.

The LCGB, the only union represented within the staff delegation, criticised this situation and the “requirement for speed of execution”, which it termed “totally in opposition to the Luxembourg model of social dialogue”.