Credit: OGBL via Facebook

On Friday 3 May 2024, the LCGB and OGBL trade unions organised a picket protest in front of Luxair's headquarters in Munsbach.

As reported by LCGB, more than 250 people took part in this picket to show their support for the collective labour agreement negotiations at Luxair.

According to OGBL, trade union participants called for "fair and equitable recognition through an attractive [collective labour agreement] with a real investment in all Luxair employees".

The protest was aimed at demanding "real improvements" as part of the negotiations. LCGB argued that "the first draft of Luxair's list of demands mainly provides for an increase in Luxair's productivity, additional flexibility on the part of staff as well as the questioning or reduction of certain achievements of the collective agreement in force". The union added that staff have already made "significant sacrifices" and shown their flexibility to ensure Luxair could withstand the crisis. "However, management continues to focus on maximum flexibility for all staff, thus deteriorating working conditions and the balance between professional and private life of employees," continued the statement.

LCGB added that the staff delegation and trade unions have "continued to alert general management to the state of staff fatigue and the risks this creates for employees and the company".

The statement recalled that Luxair had transported a record number of passengers (more than 2.5 million) in 2023 - figures achieved "thanks to the unfailing commitment of all employees allowing Luxair to be able to ensure excellent quality of service to its customers".

At the picket, both LCGB and OGBL representatives emphasised that the time has come to "invest in employees". In its statement, LCGB demanded an end to the "excessive flexibility" of employees and, as also demanded by OGBL, the recognition of staff commitment through a collective agreement "which guarantees attractive working conditions and salaries for staff and which will thereby ensure that Luxair can remain a sought-after and attractive employer".

(Photo credit: LCGB)