Credit: LCGB

On Monday 18 March 2024, the LCGB trade union announced it successfully signed collective agreements with the inland navigation companies HGK Shipping Lux Sarl and HGK Liquid Shipping Lux Sarl.

The agreements will be valid from 1 April 2024 to 31 October 2026. Around 440 nautical employees benefit from these two collective agreements, LCGB noted. The LCGB, as the majority union in the company, added that negotiations were constructive and led to the following results:

  • new career model and increase in salaries, which are now competitive in the sector;
  • new models for reducing working hours;
  • introduction of new bonuses, such as the ADN license bonus for the transport of dangerous goods, the guardian bonus, the liability bonus and the ship manager bonus;
  • introduction of additional leave depending on age and length of service.

All negotiated elements correspond to a 7.5% increase in payroll.

The texts have also been restructured, to make the collective agreements easier to read.