Credit: LuxTrust

On Tuesday 28 May 2024, LuxTrust issued a press release in which it confirmed that the LuxTrust Token would be deactivated at the end of this year.

According to LuxTrust, this change (as of 31 December 2024) marks an "important milestone" in the history of securing digital transactions in Luxembourg. While the Token has served as an "essential" tool since its introduction in 2008, technological developments and security imperatives are driving LuxTrust to review its products to "better anticipate" future challenges.

LuxTrust noted that, due to the evolution of online threats, the Token no longer meets current technological challenges. Opting for a more security-focused approach, LuxTrust is making the LuxTrust Mobile application the primary product associated with its digital certificate (digital identity). LuxTrust added that it was committed to a migration plan towards the LuxTrust Mobile app, together with its partners, to strengthen the security of online transactions. As of 30 April 2024, 80% of LuxTrust users have already made the switch to the mobile app.

Fabrice Aresu, CEO of LuxTrust, commented: "The era of the Token, once at the forefront of secure access, is coming to an end. This device no longer meets the high security standards that are essential in a context of rising cybercrime. At LuxTrust, we are constantly improving the security of all our services. This deactivation is an essential step towards more robust solutions tailored to today's technological challenges."

LuxTrust explained that the Mobile app is the digital equivalent of the Token, offering an "even higher level of security". For example, users can consult the context of each transaction directly on their smartphones and thus double-check the transaction in progress before validating it. The app also offers a "smoother" user experience, according to LuxTrust, describing it as "more convenient" (transactions or connections can be confirmed on the user's smartphone directly); it can be used universally to connect to online applications from a smartphone, tablet or computer, and it can be activated at no cost with an active Token.

For people who do not own a smartphone, the LuxTrust Scan represents a physical alternative to the Token that provides the same level of security as the LuxTrust Mobile app, assured LuxTrust. The Scan also displays the context of the current transaction, allowing users to review its details before validating them.

LuxTrust recalled that after 31 December 2024, the Token will no longer be accepted to authenticate or confirm transactions on banking and government platforms. To be able to connect to online partner platforms, users equipped with a Token will have to link it with the LuxTrust Mobile app before this date. This change applies to both individuals and professionals using a Token. LuxTrust Smartcard users are not impacted by this change.

User guides are available to help clients activate the LuxTrust Mobile app. LuxTrust added that it offers support in such matters via tel.: 245-50550, via email: and in person, in its offices Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 18:00.