On Wednesday 21 February 2024, LetzAI, an image generation platform developed in Luxembourg, and Gcore, an international cloud, AI and edge solutions provider, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to mark the beginning of a strategic partnership that will allow them to bring Image Generation capabilities from Luxembourg to other countries on a global scale, starting with LetzAI V2 due to be launched in March.

LetzAI and Gcore have recognised the opportunity to meet the increased interest and demand in AI-assisted creative services, and in particular that of image generation. The vast and fast changing environment of the field of AI requires companies to remain flexible and innovative, which will be facilitated by this new partnership. The two CEOs, Misch Strotz from LetzAI and Andre Reitenbach from Gcore, have signed a Memorandum of understanding that will set the path of this new collaboration.

The main objective of the new partnership is to facilitate any future joint pursuit and to improve the field of AI by creating and offering innovative products. In the framework of the MoU, Gcore will provide cutting-edge infrastructure with 160 PoPs worldwide and substantial beta-testing capabilities to the image generation platform LetzAI. In return, LetzAI will provide consistent and valuable feedback through continuous testing. The first result of this partnership is the launch of “LetzAI V2” which aims to build one of the world’s most inclusive generative AI platforms.

Making ‘LetzAI V2’ possible and inclusive

With its expertise in deploying cloud and edge computing infrastructure, Gcore is enabling LetzAI to significantly expand the capabilities of the current LetzAI platform, serve more users, and enable professional use cases. Over the past weeks, Gcore has been able to train the newest version of LetzAI using Gcore’s Nvidia H100 GPUs. The official launch of LetzAI V2 is now scheduled for early March. For the launch, Gcore will additionally provide L40S GPUs. “By harnessing the power of Gcore's cutting-edge Nvidia H100 GPUs and L40S GPUs, LetzAI LetzAI, the company driving innovation in AI from Luxembourg has unlocked new possibilities in image generation, advancing towards its goal of creating one of the world's most inclusive generative AI platforms. Our partnership with LetzAI is not just about scaling Luxembourg-developed AI media internationally; it's about shaping the future of Luxembourg AI on a global scale. Through collaborative innovation and relentless dedication, we're revolutionising the AI landscape, creating a smarter, more connected, and secure world for everyone” said Seva Vayner, Product Director at Gcore.

In order to make the LetzAI V2 platform more inclusive, the partnership also expands its availability to different markets and offers an efficient use designed for professionals in various economic areas. The partnership aims to provide a platform that is not only fun to use but also helps marketing professionals significantly speed up their creative processes. Furthermore, it allows brands to understand local AI Image trends in their niches, and lets them engage their communities through a new ad format called ‘AI Challenges’. The partnership will make the LetzAI technology available to more people, which is why the company is now expanding into countries like Germany, Switzerland, and the BENELUX region.