On Thursday 22 September 2022, Luxhosting Networks Sarl, a leading European web hosting provider, announced that, and brands have consolidated their services on platform.

The move aims to provide cloud hosting services under one comprehensive platform. Clients do not need to perform any actions and their hosting and domains will remain the same. The merger will accelerate projected business plans and provide a better customer experience for domain name registration and cloud hosting services.

LuxHosting is part of Zonat Sarl Hosting brands and is already a leading cloud hosting provider in Luxembourg. The web host offers a variety of services for startups as well as small and large businesses.

Following the merger, CEO of LuxHosting, Fredrick Schiwek, welcomed all the new clients to the consolidated platform. He explained: “LuxHosting will effectively assist clients from, and and help them achieve online success. These clients can now access even more powerful cloud solutions like cloud servers (VPS), more domain names and Office 365 that were unavailable on the previous brand.”