G-Core Labs, a Luxembourg-based international provider of cloud and edge solutions, today announced that it is providing online businesses and event organisers with a free content delivery network (CDN) and media platform.

In its efforts to support online businesses and event organisers during the coronavirus pandemic, G-Core Labs has decided that, until 1 May 2020, any company can get 100 Tb of G-Core Labs global content delivery network traffic for one month free of charge. Event organisers, in turn, can use the existing free cloud media platform tariff for online broadcasts or video on demand delivery with recordings of their forums, conferences, concerts and theatrical performances.

Companies or event organisers wishing to avail of this offer can access the CDN for free in their personal account via the link https://auth.gcorelabs.com/login/signup, using the promo code "ANTIVIRUS". A free media platform tariff can also be selected here (including 1,000 minutes of online broadcasting or 20 GB for video-on-demand delivery).

Dmitry Samoshkin, Vice President of Products at G-Core Labs, explained: "Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world are switching to remote work. While self-isolated, they have to turn to the Internet to provide themselves with necessary information and food supplies. Therefore, many online stores, as well as education and entertainment e-services, are unable to withstand the influx of users these days. We decided to support the business by opening free access to our global content delivery network during the period of high infrastructure loads. In turn, event organisers who launch online formats of their events can benefit from our multifunctional media platform, where the free mode has been running since last year".