L-R: Alain Bréant, Chief Project Officer; Patrick Culhane, Account Manager; Credit: Jazmin Campbell

On Thursday 16 May 2019, Lab Luxembourg S.A. (Labgroup) officially launched its new disaster recovery facilities at the Lux Tech Center in Contern.

At the official inauguration, invitees had the chance to participate in a guided tour of the new facilities, which encompass 196 vacant rooms for client-use. Most rooms feature between 20 to 26 working spaces, each equipped with a computer and three keyboards (QUERTY, AZERTY and QUERTZ) to facilitate access. There are also a number of larger rooms with double the amount of working spaces.

Combined with the some 500 rooms provided by Labgroup's partner Sungard Availability Services, the disaster recovery facilities can offer a total of around 700 vacant rooms to clients wishing to recover and/or restore their technology infrastructure in the case of a disaster.

In addition, the new facilities at the Lux Tech Center house brightly-coloured conference rooms, as well as shower and bathroom facilities and a bar to accommodate clients in all situations and at all times of the day (or night). The very modern facilities also boast safe disposal containers, designed by Luxembourg graffiti artist Sumo, thus adding another touch of colour. Such decisions were based on the desire to lift the mood of clients, often in difficult situations, and make them feel more at home during their time at the facilities.

Labgroup is an accredited Luxembourg-based company that provides information management and electronic archiving services.