Stade de Luxembourg;

On 21 March 2024, Luxembourg will travel to Tbilisi in Georgia for their EURO 2024 play-off semi-final; should they win that game, Luxembourg will host the winner of the other play-off semi-final, between Greece and Kazakhstan; should Luxembourg lose their semi-final, they shall play a friendly match against the loser between Greece and Kazakhstan.

The final, between the two play-off semi-final winners, should Luxembourg win, will be at the Stade de Luxembourg on 26 March 2024. Should Luxembourg lose their play-off semi-final, Luxembourg will host the other defeated semi-finalist; either way, Luxembourg will host a match at the Stade de Luxembourg on 26 March 2024 at 20:45.

Luxembourg's football federation has announced that those who had purchased season tickets for the five UEFA EURO 2024 qualifiers in 2023 at the Stade de Luxembourg will be contacted as a priority.

Further details on ticket sales will be announced in January 2024.