Wooden Nest Boxes; Credit: natur&ëmwelt

According to the natur&ëmwelt nature organisation, it is good to hang up nesting boxes in your garden as garden birds (tits, sparrows and more) start their courtship with the first warm days of spring and look for suitable nesting sites. 

This often creates competition, and it is not always the case that “first come, first served”... In the world of birds, the pecking order often applies. For example, the little blue tit can hatch in nest boxes that only have a 2.6 cm wide entry hole. Neither the slightly larger great tit nor the sparrow can come in here. It can use its aggressive behaviour to hack into nesting sites that are already inhabited, which can sometimes be fatal for the occupant.

The populations of many village and city bird species are declining today. The main reason is modern construction practices, which gives them no chance of finding a nesting place. Smooth walls, metal trim and fully enclosed roofs do not tolerate lodgers. Also, it is mainly older buildings that help in terms of species protection. It often becomes threatening when a renovation is pending or a facade is renewed: such climate-improving measures can often mean the end for many incubators if they are not carried out professionally. This can be counteracted with relatively simple means, for example offering nesting aids in the form of nesting boxes.

If one does not have old trees with hollows in one's garden, one can make one's garden attractive for birds with nesting boxes offered by natur&ëmwelt. Whether bought or self-built, the most important thing is to create living space.

Nest boxes can be hung at a height of 1.8 - 2.0 metres off the ground. Regardless of whether the box is hanging freely on a tree or house, it must be safe from cats and pine martens. Materials that can breathe are suitable, so that no condensation forms during incubation. Wood or wood-concrete are ideal, although wood-concrete is much more durable and therefore also somewhat more expensive.

Further information on material, special nesting boxes, construction plans for building oneself and advice are available from natur&ëmwelt in Kockelscheuer.

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