On Wednesday 16 June 2021, Luxembourg's Government Council approved four national noise action plans.

These plans individually address the problem of noise pollution from major motorways with more than three million vehicle passages per year, major rail axes with more than 30,000 train passages per year, in the agglomeration of Luxembourg and at Luxembourg Airport.

During the public inquiry, which took place from 30 September 2020 to 14 February 2021, Luxembourg's Environment Agency received 45 opinions from the municipalities. The investigation also gave rise to observations from certain non-profit organisations and private individuals, appended to municipal notices or sent directly to the services of the Environment Agency.

In addition to the feedback received during the public inquiry, the Environment Agency took into account the public comments received during the virtual information sessions held in October 2020.

A summary of the public inquiry, comments received, and actions taken and envisaged can be found in the final drafts of the action plans, which can be downloaded from environnement.public.lu.

Feedback received from the public and municipalities directly affected by noise pollution indicated, on the one hand, concerns in relation to the current circumstances, and on the other hand, a certain cautious optimism towards the infrastructure measures presented in the plans.

Some of the comments submitted during the public inquiry have been collected and will be discussed in the various noise working groups for possible consideration in the next cycle of action plans scheduled for 2024.