Orchid growing wild in a Luxembourg meadow;

The natur&ëmwelt organisation has confirmed that orchids across the Grand Duchy are starting to flower. 

Orchids traditionally thrive in wet meadows and are symbols of purity, grace, wisdom and spirituality. Solitary bees fertilise Ophrys and Orchids: surprisingly, each species of orchid has its own species of bee designated for its pollination.

In Luxembourg, 36 different species can still be observed, but unfortunately 10 recorded species have since disappeared. Orchids are subservient to specific environments, such as dry lawns or wet meadows. While some are still fairly widespread and easy to observe, others are rare and inconspicuous. However, all are remarkable for the diversity of shape and colour of their flowers, and their adaptations to the environment in which they grow.

The orchids in Luxembourg's wet meadows are now in bloom, with a few days delay as a result of the low temperatures of recent weeks.

The Broadleaf Orchid and the Spotted Orchid with their red / purple flowers are among the easiest to observe. However, they are increasingly rare, because the environments on which they depend, fresh or wet meadows, and especially unfertilised, have greatly regressed.

As all orchids are protected, it is strictly forbidden to pick them. It is better to take a photograph of the protected wild orchid, so one can enjoy these beautiful plants all year round and come back to admire it the following year.