The Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy has announced that, effective Monday 1 April 2024, the new version of the Belgian standard NBN T52-716 that specifies requirements for the quality of heating oil will be implemented in Belgium.

This updated standard requires a reduction in the sulphur content of heating oil from 50 ppm (0.005%) to 10 ppm (0.001%), meaning that 50 ppm heating oil will no longer be marketed in Belgium.

Given that Luxembourg importers traditionally import a very large proportion of their heating oil from Belgium, 10 ppm heating oil is set to replace 50 ppm heating oil in Luxembourg.

10 ppm heating oil is equivalent to 50 ppm heating oil and offers several advantages, including a reduced impact on the environment, the ministry emphasised.

As a result of these changes, 50 ppm heating oil will no longer be included in the calculation of maximum prices from 2 April 2024.