Credit: ILR

The Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR) has published its biannual report on the labelling of electricity supplied for the years 2021 and 2022.

This report highlights the latest developments linked to the labelling system, namely the dissemination of information on the energy sources from which electricity is produced.

Since 2010, suppliers must provide their customers with information on the origin of the electricity supplied. This information consists of indicating the energy sources from which the electricity was produced for the electricity product supplied to the customer (product mix), for the electricity marketed by the supplier in question (supplier mix) and for the electricity marketed at the national level (national mix).

According to ILR, this labelling, through its standardised label, has contributed to increased interest in electricity products based on renewable energy sources. This has resulted in most suppliers today offering electricity products based on renewable energy sources; some suppliers have even completely renounced fossil and nuclear energy sources, not only for their offers to individuals but for all their offers, including those intended for professional and industrial customers.

ILR added that electricity labelling allows consumers to compare electricity products from different suppliers and make their choice not only based on price, but also based on the energy sources from which the electricity is produced.

The share of renewable sources of 62.5% in the national mix for 2022 (compared to 56.3% in 2021) represents the volume of cancelled "guarantees of origin" certificates, i.e. those used in the electronic register of the institute for electricity consumption in Luxembourg by all active suppliers. Guarantees of origin are certificates which attest that the renewable electricity has been produced during a relevant period and that the renewable nature has been attributed to the suppliers concerned to prove the renewable origin of the electricity supplied to Luxembourg consumers.

The labels for 2022 were published on the suppliers' website before 1 September 2023 and can already be consulted, added the ILR.