Credit: Energiekooperativ Kanton Grevenmacher

On Tuesday 27 February 2024, the latest of the country's fourteen electricity cooperatives was presented to the residents of the canton of Grevenmacher.

In front of a full room at the Wasserbillig cultural centre, including political leaders from the municipalities of the canton of Grevenmacher and residents of the region, the founding team presented a project for citizens to get involved in the energy transition.

The energy cooperative was created at the end of 2022 with the support of the Leader Miselerland programme and is primarily aimed at citizens of the municipalities of the canton of Grevenmacher.

The energy cooperative has announced it is now launching its first renewable energy project with a photovoltaic installation, on the roof of a public building in the municipality of Mertert-Wasserbillig. This installation will cover a power of 200 kWp, which corresponds to electricity production of 184,100 kWh/year and thus covers the consumption of 46 households.

The municipality of Mertert-Wasserbillig has supported the project to create the energy cooperative since its beginning. I am delighted that the cooperative’s first project can now be implemented,” said Jérôme Laurent, the Municipality’s Mayor.

Those who wish to participate in the project by becoming members, support the establishment of local and environmentally-friendly energy production and contribute to climate protection. In addition, each member creates ecological and economic added value thanks to their investment!", explained Lucien Heyder, the energy cooperative’s President. According to Olivier Martin of Energipark Réiden, who advises the entity on a technical level, the energy cooperative helps the region and the country to become more energy independent, which is not negligible given the geopolitical situation current situation and the foreseeable increase in electricity prices, according to the cooperative.

Leader Miselerland is very pleased to have supported the creation of two energy cooperatives - the first in the canton of Remich already has a functioning installation and now the canton of Grevenmacher is also taking action. The effort was worth it,” said Thomas Wallrich, coordinator of the regional cooperation project Leader Miselerland.

We are delighted with the turnout at the first information evening. Among the 70 people present, we were able to convince many people of our cause. They wish to invest in the future, support the cooperative's projects through their membership and be part of this initiative in favour of the citizen energy and climate transition,” said Michèle Biel and Norry Schneider, founding members of the cooperative.

There are currently fourteen energy cooperatives across the country, representing around 1,200 members who have invested in over 60 renewable energy projects. These mainly concern photovoltaic projects and some participation in wind projects. The installed power is approximately 4.5 MWp with a contribution of 2.5 GWh per year, corresponding to the electricity consumption of 2,500 people. The energy cooperative of the canton of Grevenmacher is the most recent addition and its founding members are convinced of contributing to the energy transition, the group added.

Those who missed this first information evening and would like to know more can participate in the citizen information evening on Tuesday 19 March 2024 at 19:30 at the Syrkus cultural centre in Roodt-sur-Syre, or can obtain more information and indicate their interest in the initiative via the website