Südeifel solar park (Germany); Credit: Enovos

Luxembourg's national railway company, CFL, has announced that it has signed an agreement with Enovos for the purchase of regionally produced green electrical energy to meet its energy needs.

CFL has concluded a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Enovos Group for the purchase of green electricity from renewable energies produced in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. CFL noted that this is the first PPA of this scale in Luxembourg.

Since the start of 2024, the group has already covered around 15% of its electrical energy needs thanks to this PPA relating to energy produced in a solar panel park located in the Verbandsgemeinde Südeifel (Südeifel "collective municipality") in Germany.

As a majority shareholder, Enovos ensures the technical and commercial part of the park, which is spread over an area of 220 hectares. 380,000 photovoltaic modules ensure energy production equivalent to the needs of some 60,000 homes, which corresponds to a CO2 savings of 139,240 tonnes per year. The volume used by the CFL is 20 MW, which saves 14,234 tonnes of CO2.

The contract between CFL and Enovos extends over seven years, until 31 December 2030. "This cooperation allows us to satisfy two pillars of our business strategy: innovation and efficiency," noted Alain Blau, administrative and financial director of CFL. "On the one hand, we are innovating at the ecological and climatic level by consuming green energy produced in the region. On the other hand, economic efficiency manifests itself in a favourable electricity price per MWh."

CFL reported that the purchase price under the PPA is predefined and stable over the entire duration of the contract, which ensures coverage of the purchase price in supply over a long period.

As part of this PPA project, CFL is striving to purchase renewable energy from the region and contribute to the economic development of the Greater Region. The national railway company added that it was also involved in the promotion of photovoltaics in Luxembourg. Particularly during the construction of new P+R and administrative buildings, the group has been taking advantage of roof spaces to install solar panels, as is the case on the roofs of the new P+Rs in Rodange and Mersch as well as in the future P+R in Troisvierges and the new CFL General Management building.