(L-R) Raluca Caranfil, Host of In Plain Romanian; Alexandrina-Livia Rusu, Romanian Ambassador to Luxembourg; Daniel Giosan, Host of In Plain Romanian; Credit: Otilia Dragan / Chronicle.lu

On Tuesday 14 March 2023, Alexandrina-Livia Rusu, the Romanian Ambassador to Luxembourg, held a reception to celebrate Radio Ara's new radio show, called In Plain Romanian, with around 30 invited guests attending the special event.

On this new Romanian radio show, the hosts, Raluca Caranfil and Daniel Giosan, set out to explore the stories of Romanian expatriates living in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region. The programme is scheduled to run every second Tuesday, and features interviews, news, local events, music and experiences from the Romanian community. They will discuss culture, language and life in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region, as well as the expatriate experience.

The first episode of In Plain Romanian aired on 7 March 2023 at 13:00.
The inauguration presentation highlighted that there are numerous advantages to having a show like this for the expatriate community of Romanian nationals in Luxembourg. Showcasing the Romanian community in Luxembourg and the culture they bring, and giving expatriates and their children the opportunity to hear their native language on the radio, could show them they are valued. Besides, Ambassador Rusu stressed that this show could bring more unity in the community and show the "best values" Romania has to offer.