Credit: Catia Quintas

All Reitz Reserved, the all-instrumental project of Luxembourgish artist Christophe Reitz, will release its new EP "Refractions" this Friday 13 November 2020.

Refractions features five tracks, written, performed and recorded by Christophe Reitz: Blue Mountain; Pearl River (Valentina Becker on vocals); Auburn Road; Viridian Deeps; Emerald Whisper. The first four tracks were mixed by Charles Stoltz. 

The EP is mastered by Kai Blankenberg / Skyline Tonfabrik. Sam Flammang was responsible for the cover and design.

Refractions will be released on 13 November, with the support of Luxembourg's Ministry of Culture, Sacem Luxembourg, Optique Nothum and Atelier de Lutherie Jean-Pierre Reitz; the CD can already be pre-ordered on the artist's website or on Bandcamp. The release on streaming platforms is scheduled for 27 November 2020.

In addition, the All Reitz Reserved website has been redesigned and includes a brand new shop. More features to be added soon.