The Schou Parkbrasserie held a press event on Monday 29 April 2024; it actually opened its doors on 18 November last year and it owners have been fine-tuning its offer during the winter and spring months.

Since the spring has been trying to break through, the municipal park has seen plenty of local residents, both young families as well as pensioners, use the green area in the town centre, with many of them trying the new restaurant for the first time. Weekends, in particular, have been very busy indeed but they are weather-dependant, with weekdays seeing more business clientele.

Constructed by the municipality of Dippach as the last phase of the park regeneration project which started fifteen years ago and involved re-coursing the river, building a playground and a cultural centre and pavilion; the restaurant is leased to the same four investors who also run the Aal Schoul restaurant in Hobscheid, in a former school building. They have then engaged renowned restaurateurs, husband and wife team of Stefane Di Gregorio and Yulia Ilyazova, to run Schou.

From the outside, the restaurant overlooks the large playground; its long covered terrace is enclosed by many terrace plant boxes complete with a range of herbs. Inside, the large floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of light; with the high ceilings and soft music, it is a most comfortable and relaxing venue. Altogether it offers 80 covers, split equally between outdoors and indoors.

The two chefs, Prospert and Benjamin, complement each other as one is from Belgium who understands local cuisine and the other is from Zimbabwe who has worked at Michelin-starred restaurants and brings African and Asian fusion to the kitchen. They specialise in pairings (food ingredients / food and drink), demonstrating how gastronomy meets creativity with Luxembourgish tradition mixing with world flavours. In addition to a range of gourmet dishes, comforting classics and bold Asian touches, they also offer tasty vegetarian options.

On opening hours, Stefane Di Gregorio explained that if was difficult to remain open all day in winter and he said that the municipality was very understanding in that regard; since 1 April they are now open seven days/week, closed just on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

They also offer workshops twice a week, on Sundays, for children, showing them how to make different dishes. And they also have a large screen for football matches, etc.

Schou Parkbrasserie: 18 Rue de la Résistance, L-4996 Schouweiler, in the municipality of Dippach;