The International Kunstverein Luxembourg (IKL) has announced that it is organising an apéro-conference called "Heidegger and the Lichtung - Discovering that fascinating place where Being manifests itself" at the Subtile Gallery in Luxembourg-Belair on Thursday 27 January 2022 at 18:00.

The IKL organises cultural and artistic events across Luxembourg. In 2021, the association launched a series of apéro-conferences called "La Philosophie pour Tous". These events were open to everyone, free of charge, and aimed to promote culture. 

Rick Serrano will lead this upcoming apéro-conference dedicated to 20th century German philosopher Martin Heidegger and the term “clearing” (Lichtung).

Those interested in attending this event should RSVP via email:

CovidCheck 2G+ is mandatory.