Guy Dockendorf, Honorary Member; Credit: British-Luxembourg Society

On Wednesday 29 May 2024, the British-Luxembourg Society (BLS) announced that Guy Dockendorf has become an Honorary Member.

The BLS described Guy Dockendorf as a well-known figure in Luxembourg, notably for his time as a teacher at the Lycée Classique de Diekirch and as the Director General of the Ministry of Culture between 1989 and 2010. Mr Dockendorf has been involved in the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra, adult education (ErwuesseBildung Asbl), the Association of Former Luxembourg Political Prisoners of Mauthausen (Amicale des Anciens Prisonniers Politiques luxembourgeois de Mauthausen) and the Committee for the Memory of the Second World War (Comité pour la Mémoire de la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale). He is also currently President of the International Mauthausen Committee.

Louise Benjamin, Vice President of the BLS and Chair of the Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Lecture, commented: "We are all delighted to welcome Mr Guy Dockendorf as our Honorary Member. It has become somewhat of a tradition to have Guy speak before our keynote speaker at our annual Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Lecture, to remind us of the roots of the Society, borne out of the Second World War and to honour the memory."

The British-Luxembourg Society was founded by 23 Luxembourgers and one Briton on 24 April 1947. Among them was future Luxembourgish Prime Minister and "father of the euro", Pierre Werner (1913-2002). As the BLS explained, the non-profit organisation "strives to deepen, maintain and develop the bonds of friendship that exist between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Great Britain". It is open to all nationalities - one-third of current members are Luxembourgers and one-third are British, with remaining members being of 30+ different nationalities.