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On Thursday 18 January 2024, a launch party was held for the Luxembourg Chocolate Tasting Club at Onda Teahouse on Rue Goethe in Luxembourg City. talked with the organiser, Jessica Harvey, a trained chocolate sommelier, who is originally from Zimbabwe and came to Luxembourg via Portugal. She explained that her company, BLUNT!, is the "first purveyor of bean-to-bar chocolate and direct-trade cacao based in Luxembourg".

For the circa 30 attendees at the exclusive launch party, there were a number of different chocolates to taste, with Jessica explaining the different tastes from different brands - in this case, from Paris and Lyon - and different suppliers/providers from different countries worldwide, including in South America and Africa. The tasting allowed attendees the opportunity to discover the distinct flavours derived from different cacao beans and origins.

Jessica Harvey guided attendees through an immersive tasting journey, sharing insights into the chocolate-making process, the origins of the featured chocolates, and the unique characteristics of each cacao bean. For all those that she selects, she confirmed that she undertakes a due diligence check to ensure that the chocolate produced is done so in a sustainable way and only contains two ingredients: cacao beans and cane sugar.

On how the club will operate, Jessica explained that in return for an annual €66 membership fee, club members will be entitled to 15% discounts on monthly tastings as well as other discounts on chocolate and on chocolate parties. It was clear from how she was presenting and describing each chocolate that she has a real passion for the subject.

The club's monthly gatherings take place every second Monday of the month at the elegant and cozy Onda Teahouse and are designed for chocolate enthusiasts who want to delve into the rich and diverse world of chocolates.

During the launch party, the Onda Teahouse also provided mocktails as well as both savoury and sweet nibbles.

BLUNT! also curates small-batch chocolate boxes, hosts chocolate tasting events and provides consultancy to source the very best chocolate.

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