The Indian Association of Luxembourg (IAL) has launched an appeal for support to those affected by the recent devestating floods to hit Chennai in Tamil Nadu on the east coast of India.

The recent flooding in  the region has incurred much damage and hardship on the lives of the residents of the state of Chennai. Many poor families have been dislocated from their homes with loved ones missing and risk of people struggling for proper medicine, clean food and water.

Selvaraj Alagumalai, President of the IAL, stated "On behalf of Indian Association Luxembourg, we appeal to you for a compassionate donation to support the rescue and relief work that is currently carried out by our nation. With help of your donations, we hope to secure more food, drinking water and medicine for distribution at the relief centres. Your generous contribution will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance on behalf of the people of Chennai."

Payments in Euro & other major currencies can be done through the Indian Association Luxembourg - Charity Account:

Account Number: IBAN LU65 0021 1397 1104 1700

Banque Internationale Luxembourg (BIL) Luxembourg (Swift Code: BILLLULL)

For further information, email: