Credit: BKL / BKM

Boulder Klub Lëtzebuerg (BKL) and Boulder Klub Mamer (BKM) have announced that they are organising a second edition of the Women's Bouldering Festival (WBF) in Parc Brill in Mamer on Saturday 28 September 2024, from 10:00 to 20:00.

Organised again in collaboration with Europa Donna Luxembourg, this second edition builds on the success of the first Women's Bouldering Festival held in Mamer on 30 September 2023. With the participation of more than 100 people, the first event raised €1,400 for the non-profit organisation which forms part of the European Breast Cancer Coalition.

The festival aims to celebrate and empower women in the sport of bouldering by addressing specific challenges and interests that women encounter and to raise awareness and fund research into breast cancer. The organisers added that men are also welcome to attend and participate. The second edition will have more space for more participants, bouldering, workshops and a closing party.

"Our dream was to host an event in Luxembourg that both celebrates and empowers women in bouldering. Through the Women's Bouldering Festival, we've created something inclusive of all genders, ages and bouldering skill levels," explained Tabitha Mann, member of the WBF organisation. "We've also taken the concept of empowerment a step further by raising awareness and funds for breast cancer during the festival". Tabitha added that the first edition had exceeded expectations and that the team were happy to collaborate once again with Europa Donna Luxembourg, with the donation going towards the non-profit's programmes and services. 

"We are deeply touched by this generous donation from Boulder Klub Lëtzebuerg and Boulder Klub Mamer. This contribution will greatly assist our efforts to support breast cancer patients and their families, as well as fund essential research projects. We thank BKL and BKM and the entire climbing community for their support," commented Mariette Fischbach of Europa Donna Luxembourg.

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