Credit: Pixabay

On Monday 15 April 2024, the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte announced the results of its "Digital Detox Spaces" call for projects, launched on 24 January 2024. 

As the Œuvre explained, this call aimed to encourage the creation of common spaces without screens intended for young people aged twelve to eighteen, in places frequented by them.

Following discussions with experts in the field, the youth committee of the  Œuvre identified addiction to the Internet and social media as a major problem, having an impact on young people and requiring an adapted response. In this context, the Œuvre launched this call for projects, targeting both formal education structures such as secondary schools, as well as non-formal education structures such as youth centres.
In total, eleven projects were submitted in response to this call, which offered a maximum of €5,000 per request.

The jury for the "Digital Detox Spaces" call for projects met on 20 March 2024, composed of eight members, including three people from the public institution's Board of Directors and five experts in the fields of youth, prevention and treatment of addictions. After deliberation by the jury and on its opinions, the Board of Directors of the Œuvre approved seven projects, awarding them a total amount of €32,738.

The successful projects were as follows:

Room of Silence by École Internationale Gaston Thorn;
Digital Detox Space by Lycée Nic Biever;
LOCO Kaffi by Lycée Aline Mayrisch Luxembourg;
LBV Game Lab by Lycée Bel-Val;
HANGOUTS by Lycée International School Michel Lucius;
Detox @ LESC by Lycée Edward Steichen;
Schoulgaart by Lycée des Arts et Métiers.

According to the Œuvre, the selected projects stood out both for their innovative character and for their ability to offer solutions to digital dependence, aiming to create spaces for exchange in which alternative activities are offered.

Each initiative will be carried out collaboratively from May to December 2024.

The Œuvre is a public institution financed by the Loterie Nationale (National Lottery) which helps associations carry out public interest projects in various areas.