Credit: Stëmm vun der Strooss

Stëmm vun der Strooss, a local non-profit organisation which supports individuals experiencing homelessness and vulnerable members of society, has reported that the Rotary Club of Diekirch-Ettelbruck recently donated €7,500 to the charity. 

The non-profit organisation’s new branch in the north of the country is steadily growing, Stëmm vun der Strooss noted. The centre is located at 47 Rue Prince Henri in Ettelbruck and has been open Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 15:30 since February 2023.

Today, almost 100 beneficiaries visit every day. The non-profit organisation had already received financial support from different Rotary Clubs in Luxembourg at the beginning of the year in order to be able to carry out necessary renovation work.

This time, the support provided by the local Rotary Club Diekirch-Ettelbruck is aimed at setting up free medical consultations, which are not yet available in the new centre. Until now, "Doctor Stëmm" was only present in Hollerich. Last year, a total of 187 consultations were held every Wednesday by five volunteer doctors. The aim of these consultations is to provide better information, preventative counselling and health education.

In order to be able to receive the patients in an appropriate manner, the President of the Rotary Club Diekirch-Ettelbruck, Georges Thielen together with the other club members, Dr Fernand Grunig and Dr André Müller made efforts to find a suitable location. In collaboration with Jean Rodesch from the Ligue Médico-Sociale, an agreement was reached to allow "Doktor Stëmm" to use the premises of the socio-medical centre at 2A avenue Lucien Salentiny, in close proximity to the Stëmm vun der Strooss social restaurant, every Tuesday from 13:00 to 16:00.

The "Doctor Stëmm" team is made up of around a dozen experts, namely: Dr Claude Theis, internist, Dr Jean-Claude Leners, a geriatrician and general practitioner, Dr Henri Leboutte, general practitioner, Dr Willy Theis, general practitioner, Dr Maria Tikhomirowa, internist and general practitioner, Maria Tikhomirowa, internist and diabetologist, Dr André Muller, ophthalmologist, Dr Pierrot Maquill, general practitioner, Dr Georges Fischer, general practitioner, Dr Fernand Grunig, urologist, Cédric Breels, pharmacist, Diane Gleis, emergency room nurse, and Dr Claude Schummer, general practitioner.

The first consultations took place on Tuesday 21 November 2023. The day before, at the premises of the CapitalatWork Foyer Group, the Rotary Club of Diekirch-Ettelbruck presented Bob Ritz and Benoit Klensch from Stëmm vun der Strooss with a donation of €7,500, which the club raised as part of the Rotary Castle Tour 2023. The non-profit organisation’s communications officer explained: "Thanks to this support, among others, and in view of the challenges we are facing, we will be able to acquire a new vehicle that will be very useful for our various departments, whose activities are constantly growing".