Anton Dolin; Credit: RUHelp – Russians against the war

On Friday 30 September 2022, RUHelp – Russians against the war, a Luxembourg non-profit organisation that strives to help people affected by the war in Ukraine, hosted Russian film critic Anton Dolin at a charity event at the Banque de Luxembourg to raise money for Ukrainian refugees in Luxembourg. 

"About cinema and not only…", a lecture and live discussion with the audience, enabled Anton Dolin to share his story after leaving Russia at the beginning of the war upon receiving death threats.

The event, which was held in Russian, raised €5,000. The collected funds, after deduction of organisational costs, will be used to help Ukrainian refugees in Luxembourg.

During the lecture and live discussion, Anton Dolin discussed cinematography and current issues such as the war in Ukraine, the political situation in Russia and the forced emigration of those who oppose the war, as well as his personal story about leaving his country and his future projects in Europe.

"It seems to me important today, in the era of atomisation and disunity of the Russian society, during the current destruction of its form in which it has existed for the past 30 years, it is important to meet and talk - about the war, about loneliness and about the future. And also about the culture. To some, this may seem untimely, and even inappropriate. For others, culture is a universal language and such conversations still bring people together", Mr Dolin said. "Also visiting Luxembourg for the first time in more than 20 years is especially important for me. I have some memories associated with this city, that are very dear to me".

Ilya Ostretsov, founding member of RUHelp – Russians against the war, added: "We are proud to welcome Anton Dolin, the most prominent Russian film critic and one of the influential experts of cinematography in Eastern Europe. This lecture is an opportunity to gather a Russian-speaking community in Luxembourg around the topic of culture and art, and to talk about how art can help navigate tough times". She continued: "The experience of life in exile is a unique experience, and yet something that unites us all, a universal language. Any efforts that can be made to help the victims of this war are necessary".

Anton Dolin is a Russian journalist, film critic, radio host, podcaster and fervent opponent of Vladimir Putin's politics. He has previously participated in meetings demanding the freedom of the Russian President's opponent Alexei Navalny and, more recently, protested against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, for which he received death threats and had to flee Russia and move to Riga, Latvia with his family.