Credit: Digital Inclusion asbl

Digital Inclusion asbl, a Luxembourg non-profit that promotes access to computing and ICT for everyone who is excluded, recently announced that it is offering free electronic devices to Ukrainian refugees.

The non-profit recalled that every refugee in Luxembourg, as well as other families or individuals in difficulty (via social welfare offices), is entitled to apply for a free refurbished laptop or desktop / all-in-one computer from Digital Inclusion asbl. Those concerned may also apply for a free refurbished smartphone via their social assistant, i.e. Caritas Luxembourg, Red Cross Luxembourg or their municipal social welfare office.

Further information on how to apply for a laptop or desktop computer is available at:

All services offered by Digital Inclusion asbl are free and are financed by Luxembourg's Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region.

Moreover, the non-profit has launched a call for donations (laptops and smartphones only) to cater for the increasing number of Ukrainian refugees arriving in Luxembourg. Individuals, companies and institutions are invited to donate laptops (less than ten years old) which they no longer use to Digital Inclusion asbl for this cause. Smartphones no older than six years are also welcome and can additionally be donated via the "Mobile Bag", available in all POST Luxembourg shops.

Information on data safety, donation procedures at the non-profit's premises in Luxembourg-Gare and alternative drop off points in Resource Centres (recycling centres) in different municipalities is available on the website: For companies or institutions, see:

Digital Inclusion asbl is also currently seeking Ukrainian-speaking volunteers to support its project. Those wishing to help in this way are asked to contact the non-profit via email:

The non-profit, located at 16 Rue d'Epernay in Luxembourg-Gare, is open to the public Monday to Friday. Receptionists speak English, French and German, as well as Portuguese, Arabic and Tigrinya, among others. People needing language assistance in Ukrainian are asked at present to visit the premises on either Mondays or Wednesdays between 15:30 and 17:30. Updated opening times will be published on the Digital Inclusion asbl website.