ASTI, a non-profit organisation for migrant workers in Luxembourg, has expressed its concerns over the proposed reform of the Constitution of Luxembourg.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, ASTI warned that the reform could lead to divisions in Luxembourg, as a country that relies heavily on immigration. The non-profit focused on two particular aspects of the proposed reform: language and equality.

ASTI criticised the phrasing "the language of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is Luxembourgish" in article 4 of the constitution, stating that this does not reflect "the daily linguistic reality of [...] Luxembourg society in 2021". Instead, the non-profit recommended maintaining the current phrasing: "The law will regulate the use of languages ​​in administrative and judicial matters".

Regarding the "principle of equality", ASTI deemed it necessary to change the current phrasing in article 11 “Luxembourgers are equal before the law” to "All people are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law​". The non-profit warned that the "refusal to establish the principle of equality for Luxembourgers and foreigners on an equal footing is contrary to international law".

Nevertheless, ASTI praised some aspects of the constitutional reform, namely the introduction of the right of asylum.