recently had the opportunity to speak with Luxembourg-born entrepreneur Yannick Ray about his new venture: DrinkVelo.

This summer, the nineteen-year-old student will be riding around the city on his bicycle, offering a variety of cold drinks to help people stay cool and refreshed. The selection of beverages on offer includes Coca-Cola and Pepsi products, water and energy drinks, among others. The local entrepreneur will be present in the capital starting in August 2024 but is also available for deliveries and events within Luxembourg. What inspired you to start this type of business?

Yannick Ray: I was inspired to create DrinkVelo in an unconventional way. The idea originated in 2019 when a classmate and I brainstormed ways to raise money. We initially envisioned setting up a kiosk in the city. As fourteen-year-olds with no prior research or experience, the concept seemed fantastic. Since then, I have maintained my entrepreneurial spirit and dedicated significant time to researching the necessary permits and regulations to turn this vision into reality. Please elaborate on how "The Happy Cyclist" (local bicycle repair service) helped you on your way?

Yannick Ray: In 2023, I completed an internship with Emmanuel Plattard, the owner of "The Happy Cyclist". During my time there, I frequently discussed my business idea with him and he was very supportive. Emmanuel has since become my mentor for DrinkVelo, offering invaluable guidance throughout the process. I consider him a sponsor of DrinkVelo, as his assistance has been crucial in helping me progress toward my goal of selling drinks. Did you have to get similar permission or a licence as food trucks?

Yannick Ray: I consulted numerous specialists regarding the necessary permits for selling unopened products on a cargo bike, but none provided a definitive answer. However, the permits I have obtained do allow me to sell these products. This was possible thanks to the support of my school principal, who encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit and allowed me to take the necessary courses. Are you still studying? If so, where and what?

Yannick Ray: I am currently a student studying Mechanical Engineering at Lycée Privé Emile Metz. My studies have been amazing in helping me design and build a custom trailer for the cargo bike I will be using. This education has provided me with both the conceptual knowledge and practical skills necessary to develop this crucial component of my business.