Solvay Alumni Luxembourg Asbl has announced the celebration of its 120th anniversary, marking enduring connections within the Solvay community in the Grand Duchy.

Gathering over 800 graduates from the Solvay Business Schools, Solvay Alumni Luxembourg is set to host an event on Thursday 7 December 2023.

This year's celebration holds special significance, commemorating the 120th anniversary of Solvay Alumni and honouring the legacy of Ernest Solvay. His contributions not only shaped the Solvay Business School but also reportedly influenced the global industrial landscape.

Ernest Solvay, a visionary industrialist and philanthropist, founded the Solvay Business School in 1903. His goal was to nurture business education and foster leaders capable of driving economic and social progress.

Kenneth Bertrams, Professor of modern economic history and social history of science and technology at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) stated in 2013: “Following his early experiments in manufacturing soda with ammonia, the chemical company he founded in 1863 with his brother Alfred and with the help of several partners, became a remarkable achievement in the world chemical industry.

The celebration will take place at the historic former headquarters of ARBED, a location that pays homage to the rich industrial heritage shared with the Solvay legacy.

Under the distinguished patronage of the previous Belgian Ambassador to Luxembourg, Thomas Lambert, the celebration will honour Ernest Solvay's enduring legacy and his profound impact on modern business education.

The event aims to reunite 120 Solvay Alumni from diverse industries and regions. Additionally, esteemed guests, including the current Dutch Ambassador to Luxembourg, Cees Bansema, will be present for the occasion.

Both young graduates and distinguished business leaders are invited to the occasion to celebrate the influence synonymous with Solvay Alumni. The celebration will highlight the lifetime achievements of Jean Hamilius, a 1950 graduate, symbolising the lasting impact of Solvay's educational legacy.

The evening aims to combine the business school’s history and future aspirations, providing alumni with an opportunity to reminisce about their Solvay years and forge connections that the organisers hope “will shape the next 120 years”.