Credit: Pixabay

Luxembourg's Ministry of Consumer Protection recently carried out checks on new businesses in Luxembourg City and the surrounding area to ensure they knew and complied with price indication regulations.

During these checks, which applied to new businesses having opened their doors in the capital and its surroundings this year, the ministry found that the vast majority of these new businesses understood and respected Luxembourg regulations in terms of price indication.

Since the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Consumer Protection has checked more than 50 newly opened businesses, mainly in Luxembourg City and its surroundings. Alongside its usual price indication and tariff checks, the ministry has decided to focus on newly created businesses to make managers aware of their obligations defined in the Consumer Code and to seek an exchange with them. During these checks, it was found that 96% of these businesses correctly displayed the prices of their products and 90% correctly displayed those of their services.

The ministry noted, however, that some of the businesses under inspection were not aware that they also had to present their business permit, which was quickly corrected as a result of the checks by employees of the Ministry of Consumer Protection.

The ministry will continue these checks throughout the year. In case of questions, professionals and consumers can contact the ministry via email: