(Above) British Ambassador Fleur Thomas pictured with the 4-6 age group runner up; (below) the ambassador pictured with the adult winner; Credit: British-Luxembourg Society

On Sunday afternoon, the British-Luxembourg Society (BLS), joined by the British Ambassador to Luxembourg, Fleur Thomas, awarded prizes to the winners of the very first BLS Art Competition during an intimate award ceremony at the Biodiversum nature conservation centre in Remerschen.

In her opening speech, BLS President Louise Benjamin welcomed the guests, namely the British Ambassador, the Principal of St George's International School Luxembourg, Dr Christian Barkei, and BLS Council Member and Art Professor Lynda Shephard, as well as fellow BLS members, the prize winners and their loved ones who were present for this event - the BLS' first in-person event since the pandemic began.

Ms Benjamin, who has served as President of the BLS since March 2021, noted that even more events and activities are planned for next year, on the occasion of the non-profit's 75th anniversary.

The first edition of the BLS Art Competition centred around the theme "The Luxembourg Landscape through the Seasons". The adult category was open to those aged 19 and over, whilst the children's section was divided into four age categories: 4-6 years, 7-11 years, 12-15 years and 16-18 years. The artwork submitted could represent one, some or all of the seasons, with a focus on landscape. Any art media could be used, although the works had to be two dimensional.

The judging took place on Friday 4 June 2021 and the panel of judges comprised: 

  • Lynda Shephard, international watercolour artist, BLS Council Member and Art Professor at Lënster Lycée International School, Junglinster;
  • Lady Sally Forwood, artist and wife of Sir Nicholas Forwood, a Patron of the BLS;
  • Simone Habaru, conservator and restorer at the National Museum of History and Art.

In her speech, Lynda Shephard emphasised the importance of art in general. She descriped art as "a way of seeing", adding that companies in various fields are keen to employ young talent with creative minds. Ms Shephard lamented the fact that governments and education ministers often fail to prioritise art in schools. 

Regarding the BLS Art Competition, Lynda Shephard congratulated both the winners and all those who entered for their enthusiasm, which helped prove that "art is a universal language and MATTERS!"  She added that the BLS hopes to make this Art Competition an annual event.

The British Ambassador to Luxembourg, Fleur Thomas, then awarded the prizes to the winners. Note that there were no entries for the 7-11 age category, but many entries for the other categories.

Category: 4-6 Years

Four-year-old Sienna Lowe won first prize in the 4-6 age group with her art work "Spring to Life". Five-year-old Ariella Le Lievre was named runner up with her work "Moselle through the Seasons".  Leo Pohl, also aged 5, was highly commended for his work "Spring Blossom". 

Category: 12-15 Years 

The judges selected 14-year-old Emma Hubenova, with her art work "Snow in the Grund", and 15-year-old Laura Shaw, with her work "Rural Scene Spring, Luxembourg", as the winners in this category. The runners up were Alyssa Marie Schmitz (14) with "Spuerkeess Spring" and Tallys Holden (15) with "The Mullerthal in Autumn". The works of Samuel H Sheppard (13, "Junglinster Spring Garden Flower"), Kyla Olivier (12, "Bourglinster Buttercup in Spring"), Elma Tippen (14, "Autumn Leaves Mullerthal") and Carla Carimo (15, "Luxembourg Architecture in Winter") were highly commended. 

Category: 16-18 Years

18-year-old Caroline Christie won this category with her art work "A Winter Morning, the Farmhouse". The runner up was 17-year-old Lena Kaplan with "Spring Calves, Junglinster". Ben Theis (17) and Yoris Fritsch (17) were highly commended for their respective works "Black and White Winter, Place de la Justice" and "River Sure, Reflections in Winter".

Adult Category

The judges selected the work of Per Alusten "A Tempest Turns Above Luxembourg" as the winner of the adult category. Liz Van Zeeland was named runner up, with her work "The Arrival of Spring, Kaffi-shaff, Schuttrange". Justyna Karas and Christopher Atkinson were highly commended for their respective works "Summer Rose, Luxembourg" and "Lost in the Ardennes".

Luxembourg's Brasserie Nationale sponsored the adult prizes, which comprised cases of Bofferding beer. Children received art-related prizes.