Greelo, Lycée technique d’Ettelbruck, winner of Young Enterprise Project 2020;

Organised in collaboration with Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, the final of the 9th edition of the Young Enterprise Project (YEP) programme, was held on Tuesday 19 May 2020 online: a total of 22 teams (100 students) in higher education from different BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) and from 3 schools participated in the 2019-2020 edition, from which the members of the jury had selected the 6 best projects for this digital final.
Year-round learning 

Offered at the higher education level, the YEP is a programme through which students must carry out, in teams, a business plan based on an innovative product idea or service. These teams must identify an opportunity, set up a business plan and determine its feasibility. Each team is supported by a coach from the professional world. The role of the coach is to give them a critical and professional look at their project and to guide them through the different stages of development of their project. To support them in the first phases of their projects, at the start of the school year, students were able to benefit from training on the “Business Model Canvas” provided by Nyuko and a workshop on the theme of "Design Thinking" led by ArtSquareLab.

3 winning teams

Taking into account the new circumstances for all the participants, determining the winners of this edition was a real challenge. Many innovative projects with real potential for success were presented. With only 4 minutes each to present, the students redoubled their efforts to condense months of work into such a short time.

The jury was composed of the following members: Thibaut Ciccone (Nyuko asbl), Marc Hoffmann (Cactus), Marc Feider (Allen & Overy), Dominique Moeremans (Professor at the ECG), Philippe Weisen (BIL), Diego de Biasio (Technoport ), Vittorio Siciliano (Professor at LGK) and Stéphanie Camporesi (BIL).
The first prize was won by the "GreeLo" team from the Lycée technique d’Ettelbruck. Laurence Habscheid, Caroline Costa Pereira, Sara Abreu and Lateesha Felani Heck came up with the idea of ​​creating a platform where local producers can sell their fruits and vegetables to individuals, thereby reducing food waste.
The team wins the opportunity to follow a support programme offered by Nyuko and dedicated to project leaders. Banque Internationale à Luxembourg offered the winning team the possibility of opening a professional account for one year. Besides that, the students also won a voucher to use on the Lëtz’Shop site and a one-year subscription to the Skillshare platform. Coach of the team: Larissa Best, CEO Equilibre Luxembourg.
The team will represent Luxembourg during the international competition "JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2020" which will take place in digital form from 24 to 26 June.
Second place went to the "Smavel" team which is made up of students from the Lycée des Arts & Métiers. Gregoire Mazand, Daniel Prior, Yannick Boever and Gérard Gelz wanted to offer their customers a platform that would allow them to create their own guided tour of a city / region and access circuits made by other users of the platform. The team won a 6-month subscription to the Skillshare site and a voucher to use on the Lëtz’Shop site. Coach of the team: Mohamed-Ali Shiha, Vodafone.
Third prize was awarded to the "Stoody" team from the School of Business and Management. The idea of ​​Pablo Flores, Victor Colaianni, Patricia Almeida and Madison Zagorski was to allow young people to find a student job via an application where demand and supply meet. Young people will benefit from a 6-month subscription to the Skillshare platform. Team coach: Jean-Marc Ueberecken, Arendt & Medernach.

2 Alumni Leadership Awards

Marie Nousse (Lëtzbox) and Xavier Petetin (Mayax), CEOs of their teams, received the Alumni Leadership Award presented by the Alumni committee. This award is given to students who have demonstrated qualities of "leader" and ability to lead their team.
Social Media Challange

The 6 finalists of the Young Enterprise Project also presented their projects in a one-minute video broadcast on social networks. The "Mayax" team made up of Adelisa Hadzovic, Andreia Martins, Marc-Antoine Zagaria and Xavier Petetin had the most "Likes" on their video and thus won the "Social Media Challenge". The students won a subscription to the "Netflix" video platform.

The "Young Enterprise Project" Offered at higher education level it is aimed at young BTS students between 19 and 25 years old. Teams of 4 to 5 students are formed at the start of the school year. Together, they must create a business plan based on an innovative product or service idea. The team must therefore identify an opportunity, set up a business plan and study the feasibility of the project with the support of their teachers and professionals from the economic world. At the end of the school year, the projects are presented to a jury made up of experts from the educational world, the professional world and potential investors. The winning team has the opportunity to participate in the European final organized by Junior Achievement Europe. The Young Enterprise project allows students to develop the entrepreneurial skills they need in the world of work: creativity, persistence, self-confidence and team spirit are some of them.