On Friday 21 June 2024, the Grand Ducal Police announced they were alerted to several incidents of public disturbance and aggression in Luxembourg-Gare.

At around 17:30, the police were informed of an aggressive individual harassing passers-by at Place de la Gare. Upon arrival, officers found the heavily intoxicated man behaving aggressively. As he posed a danger to himself and others, it was decided to place him in detention following a medical examination.

Earlier that morning, at approximately 08:30, the police responded to reports of a fight involving multiple people on Rue de Strasbourg. One person was reported to have pulled out a knife. The individuals involved were located after a short search and taken to the police station. One person was placed in the holding facility for illegal migrants, and a report was drawn up.

At around 17:20, the police were notified of an incident on the train to Wasserbillig; a conductor had been hit. The perpetrator, visibly intoxicated, was found at the Mertert train station and was subsequently taken to the sobering-up cell.

Later that night, at around 23:50, police officers reportedly observed two individuals arguing on Rue Joseph Junk. Both were heavily intoxicated and increasingly irascible and aggressive. Consequently, they were detained to sober up, the police noted.