Luxembourg's Ministry of Culture has reported on the municipality of Mersch holding an public inquiry into its architectural heritage, as provided for by the law of 25 February 2022 relating to cultural heritage, which was opened on 16 January 2023.

In this context, an information meeting with the residents of Mersch took place on Thursday 19 January 2022, in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Sam Tanson, and municipal officials.

The publication of the inventory of architectural heritage is made online at as well as on the website of the municipality of Mersch. In addition, it is deposited at the town hall of Mersch where the public can still consult it until 15 February 2023 inclusive.

Contributions to the project of classification of the buildings appearing on this inventory can be deposited by residents online or be addressed to Mersch municipal officials, up to 1 March 2023 inclusive.

These contributions and the opinion of the municipal council wull then be transmitted to the Ministry of Culture, who, after analysis and possible adaptations, will continue the classification procedure by presenting the Government cabinet with a draft Grand-Ducal classification regulation for the municipality of Mersch.

From the opening of the public inquiry and until the entry into force of the Grand-Ducal classification regulation, all generally unspecified works on the buildings concerned are subject to the written authorisation of the Ministry of Culture, excluding maintenance work.