L-R: Maurice Bauer, President of FMPO; Taina Bofferding, Minister of Equality between Women and Men; Sandra Schmidt, Head of FMPO; Credit: MEGA

Luxembourg's Ministry of Equality between Women and Men has presented a new digital tool against domestic violence: "relation2test".

Developed in collaboration with the Fondation Maison de la Porte Ouverte (FNPO), this online questionnaire (www.relation2test.lu) is designed to help people determine whether they are in an abusive relationship.  

“Violence is never acceptable. You can express your feelings and opinions differently. [N]o one should suffer or endure verbal, sexual, physical or psychological assault. Violence therefore cannot be part of a relationship”, noted Luxembourg's Minister of Equality between Women and Men, Taina Bofferding, calling on everyone to complete the questionnaire to identify warning signs in time.

In the event that the outcome shows warning signs of emotional or physical abuse, participants are given additional information regarding the different forms of domestic violence and the cycle of violence. The online tool also offers useful addresses in Luxembourg to find help and be able to protect oneself.

The objectives of the relation2test questionnaire are:

  • to raise awareness of an egalitarian relationship and reflection on one's own relationship as a couple;
  • to prevent domestic violence by identifying the first signs of violence and identifying risky or abusive behavior;
  • to provide information on the different forms of domestic violence and useful addresses in the event of such violence.

The questionnaire is intended for the general public and is addressed to all people living in a couple, regardless of age, sex or sexual orientation.

The data is treated confidentially and anonymity is guaranteed.

The scientific research, design and development of the questionnaire were carried out by the Forensische Psychologie - Beratung & Fortbildung institute. The design and programming were carried out by neon marketing technology.