(L-R) Patrick Even, regional director of the police of the capita; Henri Kox, Minister of Internal Security; Credit: Ministry of Internal Security

On Friday 22 January 2021, Henri Kox, Luxembourg's Minister of Internal Security, made an unofficial visit to the Luxembourg-Gare and Bonnevoie districts, in the company of Patrick Even and Myriam Meyer, the director and deputy regional director of the police of the capital.

The purpose of this visit was for the Minister to ensure that principles regarding work planning of Grand-Ducal Police work allow flexibility specific to quality and meticulous work by the police on the ground - especially in sensitive areas such as Luxembourg-Gare and Bonnevoie.

In addition, it was also particularly important to Minister Kox to visit the "hotspots" for the sale or consumption of drugs, accompanied only by law enforcement representatives working in this area, to better understand the difficulties encountered by police officers in the field.

The contingent of police officers assigned to the station district had been reinforced by 30 additional police officers in November 2019 to deal with the complex drugs problem, which requires a lot of flexibility and constant adaptability on the part of the Police.

According to the ministry, since 4 January 2021, the Grand-Ducal Police has further optimised its organisation which has enabled it to be more visible in the Luxembourg-Gare and Bonnevoie districts and to practice community policing. Efforts, on the part of the police as well as on the part of the Ministry of Internal Security, continue to be made to find a satisfactory solution for all. Although law enforcement has recently recorded several successes, in the fight against illicit drugs, all concerned are aware that further action is still needed at the national level.