Drugs and cash confiscated from suspected drugs dealer; Credit: Police Grand Ducale

The Grand Ducal Police have reported that, on the night of Thursday 9 July 2020, they arrested a man in the Luxembourg-gare area in relation to drugs dealing.

The arrest came as a police patrol in the area approached the man and tried to check him, whereupon he tried to flee the scene. 

A subsequent search of the man discovered that he was carrying 45 grams of cocaine, a large amount of cash and a mobile phone which were all confiscated on the order of the public prosecutor. 

The man was arrested and was brought to court in the morning. 

A number of other people were also checked by the same police patrol that evening and another two men also tried, but failed, to escape. One of the men was found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana and his details were therefore taken.