Taina Bofferding, Luxembourg's Interior Minister; Credit: SIP

On Monday, Luxembourg's Minister of the Interior Taina Bofferding met with the SYVICOL municipal trade union to take stock of the current situation of deconfinement in the various municipalities and to give an overview of the progress of political projects within the Ministry of the Interior.

Concerning the financial situation of the municipalities, Interior Minister Taina Bofferding confirmed to SYVICOL representatives the decision to increase subsidies for public facilities, particularly for municipalities in greatest financial difficulty. It is hoped that this measure encourages municipalities to continue to invest in essential infrastructure projects.

Minister Taina Bofferding explained: "As Interior Minister I have been thinking about how I can support the municipalities. It is important in these times that the public authorities (the state and municipalities) work together to create an anti-cyclical policy to overcome the crisis. Through targeted subsidies on investments, we can encourage them to carry out planned projects, for example [concerning] municipal water infrastructures or schools for our children". 

Minister Bofferding also gave an overview on the progress of bills related to COVID-19 which will affect the municipalities, as well as on the prospects for other political projects on which work has just resumed within the Ministry of the Interior.