Diekirch drugs seizure; Credit: Grand Ducal Police

The Grand Ducal Police have announced that on Wednesday 8 January 2020, one person was arrested on the orders of the Diekirch public prosecutor's office for drug trafficking in the Ulflingen municipality.

The arrest followed several months of investigations by the Northern Criminal Police, in cooperation with other regional police departments and national departments.

The person was brought before the investigating judge, at the court in Diekirch, who ordered that the person be detained. Following anumber of searches, around 50g cocaine, around 885g marijuana, almost 100g hashish, a small amount of magic mushrooms, over €1,500 in cash and two vehicles were confiscated.

On the same day, two people were arrested by the Northern Criminal Police for drug trafficking in the area of ​​Diekirch in cooperation with other police departments on the orders of the public prosecutor. Almost 700g of marijuana, an air assault rifle and €685 in cash were confiscated during various searches.

Drugs seized in Uffingen: credit: Grand Ducal Police