Credit: © Josy Cungs

The detection of oak processionary moth populations in "Bambësch" in Luxembourg City has led to the closure of the playground until further notice.

The Ville de Luxembourg (VdL) has informed the public of the presence of oak processionary caterpillars around the Bambësch playground located on Rue de Bridel. In order to better protect visitors from the caterpillars and their stinging hairs, the playground has been temporarily closed.

Since oak processionary populations may appear in other unidentified locations, the VdL has advised pedestrians and playground visitors to be vigilant to avoid potential health risks.

The oak processionary moth is a moth that has been increasingly found in Luxembourg due to warmer and drier weather in recent years. Especially in settlement areas and parks, its larvae pose a health risk to humans. Its caterpillar hairs are especially dangerous due to a highly allergenic protein (thaumetopoein). If these hairs come in contact with humans, they can cause itching and irritation of the respiratory system or eyes.

For precautionary reasons, the VdL has put up warning signs for citizens, who are advised to stay clear of affected trees and not to touch caterpillar nests, caterpillars or the trees in question. The Natural Heritage Department and the Luxembourg City Parks Service will organise the removal of the nests of the caterpillars from the trees in the short term