The American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg (AMCHAM) has announced that it is organising a webinar entitled "Finance Explained" on Friday 16 October 2020 at 10:30.

Considering the strain and economic hardship caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are facing enormous challenges to survive. During the discussions which have occurred within the AMCHAM community, it has become apparent that one of the common themes being faced by members is a lack of knowledge and understanding about internal financial accounting for management decision making. According to AMCHAM, it appears that very few managers and executives fully understand company balance sheets and other financial positions at an appropriate level for smart decision making. 

While an absolute detailed comprehensive understanding of financial matters was perhaps not so strongly required when times were good, at the present time when this understanding is crucial for every manager and entrepreneur to guide the company through this crisis, all too often decision makers are simply unaware of the financial details of their companies and therefore are not making the best fact based decisions. This can expose their companies, shareholders and employees to suboptimal decision making and increased risk of failure.

To address this problem, AMCHAM has undertaken an investigation to find a reliable, high quality partner solution able to bring a high standard of professional education instruction to its members and friends in an efficient and cost effective programme. After some significant research and interviewing, AMCHAM has opted for Finance Xplained, a Belgian organisation which provides instruction courses which could benefit Luxembourg business customers. The content will be offered at a significant price reduction off of the organisation's global rates for AMCHAM members.

AMCHAM is organising an information session on 16 October to hear Finance Xplained present and explain the content of the following courses, organised both residential and online:

- Finance for non-financial managers: learn about the concepts, relationships and the financial cycle
- Treasury Cash Management: predict and manage the company's liquidities and discover the risk areas
- Budgeting & Planning: return to the economic reality and the adapted strategy.

This open event intents to show why finance training should be on the top of your agenda. There will be a mini lecture on "the flow of finance (back to basics", as well as discussion of Finance Xplained's educational programmes and a Q&A on specific programmes.

Those wishing to attend should register at Zoom codes will be sent shortly before the event.