Luxembourg’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture has announced it will renew its “Anti-waste – 8 golden rules for wasting less food” campaign this year.

According to the ministry, raising awareness among the general public against food waste and informing people about the right actions to reduce food waste are among its priorities. In 2024, the “Anti-waste – 8 golden rules for wasting less food” campaign, will highlight rule no 4: how to store the fridge correctly so that different foods last as long as possible. In the same context, throughout the year, the ministry will make the travelling exhibition “Antigaspi” available free of charge to interested municipalities, schools and associations.

The “Antiwaste” exhibition focuses on the eight golden rules by exposing the origins and consequences of food waste while proposing solutions to avoid it. In practice, the exhibition route is made up of several stations related to food and the reduction of food waste: menu planning, rational purchasing of food, adequate storage, correct interpretation of expiration dates and the creative reuse of leftovers in the kitchen.

This interactive exhibition is mainly aimed at students in primary schools in cycles 3 and 4 since it represents an educational tool for teachers and supporting staff. However, it is also available to associations and companies active in anti-waste awareness.

Luxembourg’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture, Martine Hansen, emphasised in this context: “Wasting food is like throwing money in the trash. It's a loss for consumers' wallets, a waste of resources and time for farmers who produce quality food, and of course a moral issue. However, based on the studies we have carried out with households, we know that behind this waste is often a simple lack of information on the right actions to adopt on a daily basis to avoid it. Our objective is therefore to inform the young consumers of tomorrow through the 'Antiwaste' exhibition and to motivate young people to adopt an 'Antiwaste' attitude. The municipalities and primary schools that book our exhibition are important partners for us.”

The “Antiwaste” exhibition which is on tour is part of the awareness strategy against food waste that the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture launched in 2016.

More information on actions to take against food waste is available on