Government meeting with agriculture representatives; Credit: © SIP / Julien Warnand

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Luc Frieden, accompanied by Martine Hansen, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture, and Serge Wilmes, Minister of the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity, received representatives of Luxembourg agriculture to discuss the current state of the agricultural sector on Thursday 8 February 2024.

During this meeting, Prime Minister Frieden expressed the importance that the government attaches to the concerns of the agricultural sector. He said: “Robust and sustainable Luxembourg agriculture is essential for us so that our farmers are able to produce high-quality local and seasonal products.”

The Prime Minister also expressed his satisfaction following the announcement by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, of wanting to submit, together with the Belgian Presidency, a proposal to reduce the administrative burden weighing on farmers.

I welcome this initiative and expect this proposal to be examined at the European level as soon as possible,” he added.

Minister Hansen recalled that all current aid intended for farmers in Luxembourg will be maintained. In addition, one of the new minister's priorities is to carry out a screening of all existing procedures to simplify them and make them more transparent, aiming to reduce the administrative burden on farms.

Minister Wilmes confirmed that his services will pursue a policy of proactive interministerial consultation and cooperation in the interest of being able to propose clear and realistic trajectories regarding the reduction of the environmental impact of farmers.

Finally, the Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction that with the organisation of the first "Landwirtschaftsdësch" on 4 March, dialogue between the agricultural, horticultural and viticulture sectors and the Minister for Agriculture has now been institutionalised. He also expressed confidence that the ministers for agriculture and the environment, Martine Hansen and Serge Wilmes, would work with the sector to find the solutions needed to overcome the current problems in the sector.

Confirming the government's support for Luxembourg's agriculture, horticulture and viticulture, the three ministers concluded the meeting by reiterating: "We are listening to the sector and will continue to do so!