(centre) Martine Hansen, Luxembourg’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture; Credit: MA

To support professionals in the Luxembourg swine industry, Martine Hansen, Luxembourg’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture, met representatives of Cochy, an association which promotes Luxembourg pork on Monday 5 February 2024.

During this meeting, a market analysis was carried out, highlighting the strong exposure of the pork sector to market volatility, which makes any predictability difficult, Luxembourg’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture noted.

Producers, who already faced repercussions of the pandemic, had to face a significant increase in the costs of raw materials (including livestock feed) and energy. Other problems that were raised were the high authorisation conditions for building a stable as well as the search for new outlets, particularly in collective catering for education.

The minister invited the representatives of Cochy to submit proposals that could be taken into account during the mid-term review of the current agrarian law with the aim of helping pig farming industry.

Martine Hansen stressed that she intends to communicate regularly with representatives of the swine industry to stay in touch with the sector, the ministry added.