Credit: FLT

The Luxembourg Tennis Federation (FLT) has reported that it is sending a team to Chisinau, Moldova to compete in the Billie Jean King Cup.

The Luxembourg team will compete in Europe Group III at Chisinau Arena Tennis Club from 17 to 22 June 2024.

Captain Anne Kremer has nominated the following players for this international women's tennis team competition: Marie Weckerle; Lucie Rabiot (first nomination for the Billie Jean King Cup); Claudine Schaul; Liz Baddé; Erna Brdarevic.

The team will be accompanied by coach Frédéric Baade and a physiotherapist.

In addition to Luxembourg, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Moldova, Montenegro and San Marino will be competing in this group.

Games are played from Monday to Wednesday in a two-stage round-robin format, featuring one pool of three teams and two pools of four teams. The winners of the first stage will all compete in a round-robin from Thursday to Saturday for the chance to be promoted to the Europe/Africa Group II in 2025.